Everything you need to get online.

Build your brand's digital presence with a custom domain, professional email and website hosting. 

Follow our easy 4 step guide to set up a business online...
Setup a Business Online - Easy 4 Step Guide

1. Start with a domain

Register your domain name and take the first step to getting your business online.
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Your domain name should be short
and as close to your business name
as possible - with no punctuation!

Domain Registrar Branded Digital

2. Get a professional email

A professional email address that matches your domain shows customers that you take your business seriously - it's also easier for people to remember!
Get Professional Email Hosting
Business Email Hosting by Branded Digital
Get a Professional Email
Secure website hosting on Australian servers
Register a Domain with Branded Digital

3. Host your website

Already have a website? Give it the home it deserves on our ultra-fast Google Cloud Data Center in Sydney, Australia.

All hosting plans include FREE SSL encryption to protect your data from hackers.

4. Look after your site

Enjoy making security, software and content updates? No? Luckily we do!

Take the hassle out of website management and keep your site safe, secure and up to date with a website care plan.
Domain Registrar Branded Digital
Register a Domain with Branded Digital
Australian Website Hosting
Steps to getting your business online

Need more?

Take the guesswork out of building your business with Branded Design Studio.

Think of us as your marketing wingman - need a website with great copy and e-commerce?
We do that.
We can even help you with social media, graphic design and printing!
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Show the world you mean business with a professional online presence. Get a fast, beautiful, mobile responsive and search engine friendly website.
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Logo Design

Let your business shine with a custom designed logo. Ditch the DIY and get expert design, colours and typography from a branding specialist.

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Add an online store to your website to sell physical and digital products, track your inventory and even let customers book appointments online.
Marketing Strategy Sessions by Branded Digital

Marketing Strategy

Take your business to the next level with a marketing strategy session. Discuss goals, develop plans and walk away with a renewed passion for your business.
Social Media Marketing Services by Branded Digital

Social Media

Build your following with social media content that truly reflects your brand. Start with a social checkup, branded templates or launch a full campaign.
Copywriting Services by Branded Digital


Skip the blank page of doom with clever copy written by a professional. Sell your products or services with copywriting that converts and uses your brand voice.
Get your business online